Vancouver: the role model for every city in Canada

Vancouver recently became the latest city to commit to running on 100% renewable energy. Some say the goal is unrealistic, but it’s the other way around and we have to face it: our way of life is unsustainable. ”The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is inevitable. It will happen whether we take action or not. Fossil fuels are—by definition–finite. They are a one-time gift to humanity” (Global 100% RE Alliance). The only way that change will truly happen is if our cities show leadership by taking such drastic measures. Read the article here:


Dictionnaries, Lonely Planet and Maps

I walked into Chapters and I felt like a tourist. Not that I’m a tourist in Ottawa, I’ve past that stage a while ago, but I could smell the tourist odour coming from upstairs. I followed it and I ended up in front of the ”Obviously you’re a beginner traveler and you need help” section. Thank God the nice lady with a cool walkie talkie got the hint and helped me find my saviors: Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands travel guide and two really cute dictionaries! 🙂 Soon enough I’ll be able to speak español like a true Ecuadorian!


Tiny home, Huge impact

A strange illness has taken over the human race and I might have been a victim of it at some point but I will now fight the urge: mass consumption. Did you ever go to Costco? The first time I visited the King of mass consumption, I almost started to cry. I could imagine the scene of an apocalypse movie, with the elephant size boxes falling on the consumers, too indulged in the pleasure of cheap-bulk-probably-made-by-kids-in-third-world-country products to even notice the chaos.


The only thing missing, I thought, was a slaughter house in the back, because ”where did all this meat come from”?


Or has it ever happened to you, the moment you look at your banana and you don’t understand how the hell it ended up on your plate? Like not how your mom went and picked it up at Loblaws, but how it appeared in Canada. My 5 year old self didn’t remember ever seeing a banana tree growing near my house…


Or when you realised that when you through stuff in the garbage bag, and the garbage truck comes and picks it up, they actually bring it somewhere… so then it stays somewhere… but what will happen when that somewhere is covered with trash… then they will need to find another somewhere… but where? Global solid waste was counted  at 3.5 million tonnes per day in 2010 (that’s approximately 350 Eiffel towers!!!) and is predicted to rise to more than 6 million tonnes per day by 2025 (The World Bank).


I don’t know for you guys, but I don’t want to end up walking on a pile of dump, so here’s my solution: tiny homes! Sun kissed at dusk, covered by a blanket of leaves at noon, spectator of the universe lights at midnight… I always dreamed of living in a tree house. Tiny homes aren’t really tree house (although it could work out…), but they’re pretty much the same: they don’t take much space, it’s super comfy, it’s sustainable, uses a minimum of resources, is affordable, is AWESOME! Plus it’s soooo cute! And it’s so small that you have all the rest of your land to grow food and enjoy the nature 🙂

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