Pure Gelato VS Piccolo Grande

I loooooove Gelato and it didn’t take me long to go on a treasure hunt to find the best places in Ottawa! I first tasted this heavenly-like desert in it’s mother country, Italy, and I now consider myself kind of like a ”is it real or fake?” gelato expert. The trick is to look for the banana or green apple flavour: if they’re the color of the fruit’s skin (yellow/green), then it’s fake gelato because homemade ones only uses natural flavours and no coloring. Gelato has less air than American ice-cream which creates the intense flavour. It’s also healthier because it contains fewer calories and less butter fat. There’s two famous places in Ottawa that makes the Italian ice-cream and I’ve been to both of them, here’s my review:

Piccolo Grande: situated in the Byward Market, is cute and has a unique sense to it: the building looks European and the business is clearly focused on clientele rather than franchise. The flavours are intense but the texture of the gelato is too liquid. There’s not a lot of variety. Favorite flavour: lemon

Pure Gelato: sitting on the edge of Elgin Street, this place screams tourism. The design is more conventional and it’s often busy. Although, the flavours are AMAZING and the texture is perfect! Favorite flavour: passion fruit


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