Oh She Glows cookbook

This past week, I improvised my recipes by opening my fridge, glancing around, and matching together random ingredients that had the potential (according to my limited culinary experience and knowledge) to make a good couple. I always had a hard time following recipes, maybe because as a kid, my grandma used a cookbook like if the recipes were recommendations rather than instructions. I feel more creative when I build my own creations but I realised that I would learn a lot more if I followed recipes. I went to Chapters and found this amazing book called The Oh She Glows Cookbook – Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out that contains carefully constructed vegan recipes supported by fresh and colorful pictures. The author, Angela Liddon, is a blogger that decided to publish a book with all the recipes she posted online. Her story is quite inspirational and the fact that she’s a self-trained chef gave me hope about my culinary potential. The recipes range from simple to complex but all of them are outlined in a way that is easy to follow. Today, I filled my tummy with sunrise scramble with roasted home fries & avocado toast.

breakfast 1

There’s basically three parts to this recipe:

1. The sunrise scramble: healthy roasted vegetables with tofu (replaces the eggs). While it was tasteful and filling, I still have a hard time enjoying tofu because of it’s strange texture.

2. Roasted home fries: these were, I’m not kidding, the best potatoes I’ve ever tasted! I found it strange that the recipe asked for cornstarch but when I took out the fries from the oven, I quickly understood why: the potatoes were crisped but soft inside, the perfect texture!

3. Avocado toast: I’m not a fan of avocado. I find it too rich and untasteful, but added on a toast like butter with a pinch of sea salt and pepper, it was pretty great!

Overall, the meal was incredible and I strongly encourage you to buy The Oh She Glows Cookbook and follow Angela Liddon blog!


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