Naanchiladas: Curry-Spiced Vegetable and Lentil Enchiladas

This looks delicious!!

food to glow

Naanchiladas-curry-spiced-enchiladas by food to glowAs with some television shows, where an entire episode seems to be based round a joke that came up in a production meeting, this recipe was an off-beat idea of mine that grew into a recipe. I started with the hybrid name and it kind of went from there.

But unlike some TV shows, this works. No joke.

Just a couple of notes: about the sauce, if you wish to use garam masala or another curry powder that you like, that would be just fine. Use about two tablespoons, but be prepared to add more if the flavour seems “thin.” And as for the naan, use roti or chapati if you wish, or even commercial naan, although the latter may be too thick and will tear/break (and really aren’t very nice when compared to homemade). Heck you could even add curry spices to a bought red enchilada sauce. Whatever way you do this…

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Eco challenge: Day 1

I’ve decided to take baby steps and get closer to my ”zero-waste lifestyle” goal by setting up daily objectives. The background picture includes most of the products that I will try to either exclude from my lifestyle, or find better alternatives. Today was sunny, warm and perfect so I felt inspired and biked to Planet Botanix, a wellness clinic and organic beauty care store in Ottawa that also sells awesome ingredients for DIY projects. I bought a Spearmint hits the spot soap (ingredients: olive/canola/coconut/palm/spearmint oil, water and green clay). Price: 8.95$ dove

There’s numerous reasons why conventional soap (Dove, Dial, Clinique) is bad for the environment and can even affect your health but most of all, the packaging is crazy! I usually by Dove bar soaps and they’re individually packaged in a box and wrapped together in plastic. The organic soap that I bought did have a small label but it’s better than the commercial brands. I also bought a shampoo bar that is supposed to last longer than liquid shampoo and contains similar natural ingredients: olive/castor/sweet almond/palm/jojoba oil, kukui nut and water. Price: 8.95$


I didn’t try them on yet but I’ll make sure to write a review on each of them!